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Online Transactions

We process online transactions using Stripeopen in new window. All transactions are made directly to your account, which is to say that we don't hold your fund. Although the fund would only be deposited to your account every Monday. When there is a holiday on Monday, it would be deposit in the next available business day.

You can set up one or more checking account to accept fund. The fund would be deposit to the default account every week.

chargeCreated when a credit card charge is created successfully.
paymentCreated when an alternative payment method charge is created successfully.
payment_failure_refundACH, direct debit, and other asynchronous payment methods remain in a pending state until they either succeed or fail.
payment_refundCreated when an alternative payment method refund is initiated.
refundCreated when a credit card charge refund is initiated.
refund_failureCreated when a credit card charge refund fails, and Stripe returns the funds to your balance.

Stripe has a more detailed explanationopen in new window of these transactions.

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