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The Selflane POS is an iPad/iPhone App. It is the core of our All-in-one system and the most interacted Application by you and your staff. Selflane is continually updating and adding to the function ability of our platform. Here are the key features.

  • Registering sales
  • Registering transactions
  • Communicating with kitchen
  • Clocking in staff
  • Handling member program

We are compatible with all major payment processors including First Data, Heartland, T-SYS, Gravity Payments, Global Payments, and Stripe Terminal. Learn more about Merchant Services for payment options.

Downloading and Updating the POS APP

App Store Linkopen in new window

Selflane POS
Selflane POS
  • Go to the App Store on the iPad or iPhone
  • Tap the Search magnifying glass at the right bottom of the screen.
  • In the search Box Type Selflane
  • Tap Selflane POS.
    • Tap the GET icon to download.
    • Tap Update icon to update.

Keep the App Up-to-Date

We typically use Apple's rolling update option to ship our updates. This means your iPad may not receive the latest version until later in the 7-day rolling out cycle. If you wish to use the latest version early, please go to the App Store and update it manually.

If the update icon does not appear, tap the purple POS logo. (If only the Open icon appears, the app is up to date).

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User Manual

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