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At Selflane, we believe in transparency with our clients in the delivery process of our products and pricings. We may have hidden features that are under development, but we don't believe in any hidden fees.

Commission-Free Online Ordering

Selflane provides commision-free online ordering service to all restaurants. You can either use our iPad POS app (Free for online orders), or email to receive orders.

You can also opt-in phone calls and faxes for online orders.

  • The price is 10 ¢/phone call or fax.

The online customers are your customers -- providing them with good service relies mostly on the service from your business. If there is an order that needs to be canceled (you can do it in the Back Office) or partially refunded (you need to contact us by email), please do so promptly.

Any failed service may result in negative reviews and even chargebacks from the customer. If a chargeback occured, the cost will be the total bill plus a $15 fee.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale$29.99month/location
Kitchen Display$20month/location
Front-Facing Display$10month/location
Reservation( > 5/month)$5month/location
Basic Member Program$30month/location
Advanced Member Program$120month/location
Credit Card Machine Management$20month/machine
Waitlist10 ¢item
Texting Receipt7 ¢item
Digital Gift Card3% feeper gift card
Catering Orders12% feeper transaction

We waive your credit card machine management fee if the credit card transactions are processed by Selflane.


Chowly Integration$30month/location
7Shifts Integration$60month/location

Please note that the integration cost is the price you would pay to Selflane. You usually need to pay another fee to the corresponding integration party.


We offer multiple promotion tools. See details

The pricing structure for all promotions are the same.

  • No upfront cost, and no payments needed.
  • We deduct 5% of the sales (before tax, fee, tip, after discount) as the fee.

In other words, we only make a profit if our products bring you new sales.

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