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The Activities page serves as the action hub for working with Leads and Opportunities.

What is Lead

A lead refers to a potential customer or contact who has expressed interest in your products or services but has not yet progressed into a full-fledged opportunity.

The potential statuses for a lead include:

  1. New: The lead has been recently identified but has not yet been contacted or qualified.

  2. Contacted: The lead has been reached out to or engaged with to gather more information and assess potential interest.

  3. Qualified: The lead has been evaluated and meets the criteria for further consideration in the sales process.

  4. Unqualified: The lead does not meet the necessary criteria for further pursuit in the sales pipeline.

  5. Converted: The lead has progressed successfully through the sales process and has become a customer or a qualified opportunity.

  6. Dead: The lead is no longer viable or responsive, indicating the end of the sales pursuit for that particular lead.

What is Opportunity

An opportunity signifies a qualified and nurtured lead that has advanced in the sales process. It represents a potential deal or sale that your business is actively pursuing.

The status options for an opportunity are:

  1. Open: The opportunity is actively being pursued and is in progress. It has not yet been determined whether it will be won or lost.

  2. Won: The opportunity has been successfully closed, and the desired outcome, such as a sale, has been achieved.

  3. Lost: The opportunity did not result in a successful outcome, and the desired goal, such as a sale, was not achieved.

What is Interaction

Interactions encompass any engagements, communications, or exchanges with leads and opportunities. This could include meetings, calls, emails, or any other form of interaction that contributes to the relationship-building process.

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