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Business Setup

About 2 min

Business Setup

Learn how to set up your menus and tax rates.

Create, update, and manage multiple menus for online ordering and the Selflane POS app.

MenuMenus are the highest level of our hierarchy, which means they can't be assigned under any other hierarchal category.Lunch, Dinner, and Wine Menu
CourseCourses are the second level of our hierarchy and they break your menu down into sections. They can be assigned to multiple menus.Appetizers (can be assigned to both Lunch and Dinner)
DishDishes are individual menu items, which fall under Courses."6-pc Wings" (can be assigned to Appetizers).
ModifiersUse modifiers or matrix modifiers to give customers the choice to customize their dish."Honey mustard, BBQ, teriyaki, and spicy mayo" are all sauce modifiers that can be applied to designated dishes.

  1. Go to Settings > Menu.

  2. Start with the types of menus your restaurant offers. For example, you might offer Lunch, Dinner, and Wine menus. Click Add to add a menu.

  3. Enter the name of the menu and set Special Hours, if relevant.

  4. Toggle menu features:

    • Run Out (86'd) - toggle this on when an dish or course runs out. This setting turns off visibility of 86'd dishes and courses online and in the POS app.
    • In-store only determines whether your menu is available for online ordering.
    • Sync to Third Party lets you to sync to a third-party integration (e.g. DoorDash)
  5. Click Save.


  1. In the horizontal navigation, select Courses.

  2. Click Add to add a course.

  3. Enter the name of the course. Then, choose a classification (e.g. Food, Beverage, Merchandise, or Alcohol).

  4. Toggle the course features, and then click Save.


  1. In the horizontal navigation, select Dishes.

  2. Click Add to add a dish.

  3. Enter the name of the dish and price.

    If you've opted into online ordering with Selflane and another platform, enter your upcharge.

  4. Assign your dish to the appropriate menu(s), and then assign to the appropriate course. 5. Assign your dish to a printer. 6. Use the tags to denote if a dish is spicy, gluten-free, or vegan. 7. Toggle the dish features, and then click Save.

Modifiers and Matrix Modifiers

  1. In the horizontal navigation, select Modifiers or Matrix Modifiers for the appropriate dish.

    Use matrix modifiers to customize choices individually. For example, you may have three choices for poke bowl toppings: furikake, onion crisps, and sesame seeds. Customers may want extra furikake, onion crisps on the side, and lite sesame seeds.

  2. Click Add to add modifiers.

  3. Enter the title for your modifier and the maximum selections a customer can make. Check the Required box if the dish requires customization.

  4. Select the dish(es) for which modifiers will be applied.

  5. Enter a list of modifiers, separated by commas.

  6. Click Save.

Tax Rates

Set up inclusive and exclusive tax rates at a granular level.

  1. Go to Settings > Profile.

  2. In the horizontal navigation, Select Tax Rates.

  3. Click Add to add a tax item.

  4. Name the tax item. Then, enter the tax rate and the appropriate settings.

    Select the On/Off status to turn tax items and their rates on and off.

  5. Click Save.

Next Steps

Set up and configure hardware for the point of sale system.

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