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Set Up Printers

About 1 min

Set Up Printers

Epson Printers

The Selflane POS app works with all Epson Ethernet/WiFi/Bluetooth-connected thermal printers and impact printers. Please note that the USB and serial connection printers won't work.

We recommend the following series.

Thermal Printers: TM-20II, TM-20III, TM-M30

Impact Printer: TM-UB220

Label Printer: TM-L90

The thermal printer is much faster than the impact printer. The impact printer makes a loud noise, prints in two colors, and the paper is heat resistant. In most cases, we suggest using thermal printers in the kitchen for fast printing and lower cost.


Connect Printers

The iPad must be in the same network as the printers. Very often, your business has a multiple-network environment. For example, the network provider (Comcast, CenturyLink, etc.) has a build-in WiFi+Ethernet network, your connected router has a different network. The first task is to ensure iPads and printers are using the same network.

The Selflane POS app discovers all connected printers in the network automatically. If you don't see the printer in the discovered printer list, please check,

  1. if the iPad is in the correct network
  2. if the printer is powered off
  3. if the printer's ethernet cable is disconnected or loose.

Check iPad Network

Click Wi-Fi in the iPad Settings app, make sure it has connected to the correct Wi-Fi.

Click the information icon on the selected Wi-Fi for details. In most cases, the IP address is 10.0.10._ for Comcast routers and 192.168.0._ for standalone routers (such as TPLink, Netgear, etc.). Your network specialist may have set up a special subnet for your POS system.

Check Printer Network

With a proper ethernet connection, the ethernet port at the back of the printer should show a solid green light and an ambient heartbeat light.

  • No light in the ethernet port.

The printer has not connected to the router. Check both ends of the ethernet cable and ensure they've plugged in properly. Always use a good quality ethernet cable for the connection.

Sticky Linerless Label

While one can purchase regular thermal paper from many vendors, you may find it not easy to get the sticky linerless label. We recommend Maxstick Sticky Paper Roll.

An option is to contact Gordon Parker from Specialty Roll.


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