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Point of Sale (POS)

About 3 min

Hardware & Configuration

**Ensure you have the right hardware and configure your POS system with the recommended settings.

For a full list of features and a walkthrough, check out our extensive point of sale guideopen in new window.**

Our POS app runs on iPads and is compatible with all major payment processors, including First Data, Heartland, T-SYS, Gravity Payments, and Global Payments.


Shop our online hardware storeopen in new window to see all your options.

See the table below for our recommendations.

iPadMini, Air, or Pro (iOS 15 or upopen in new window)
Printer(s)Epson thermal, impact, and label/barcode printers Recommended models: TM-T20IIopen in new window, TM-T20IIIopen in new window, TM-T80open in new window, TM-M30open in new window, TM-U220open in new window, and TM-L90open in new window Most Star Printers⛔ The app doesn't support USB or serial connection printers.
Credit Card Terminal(s)Most Pax Terminals Recommended models: PAX S300open in new window, PAX S920open in new window, or PAX D220open in new windowStripe Readers
Kitchen Display SystemiPad Mini, Air, or Pro (optional)

For more information, check out our hardware guideopen in new window.

POS Configuration

Configure your preferred POS settings and then test them in real-time using the Selflane POS app.

If you haven't already, download the Selflane POSopen in new window app onto your iPad and log into your account (using your online credentials).

  1. Go to Settings > Point of Sale.

  2. Toggle your General settings.

  3. In the horizontal navigation, select To Go. Add Custom To-Go types, such as "DoorDash Pickup" or "Curbside Pickup."

  4. In the horizontal navigation, select Printing.

  5. Toggle your printing settings. Optionally, upload your restaurant logo and a graphic receipt message.

  6. In the horizontal navigation, select Payment.

  7. Under Acceptable Methods, toggle the appropriate settings for payment.

  8. Under Gratuity, toggle settings for gratuities and tip display.

  9. Optionally, under Tip Sharing, enter the names of staff and sharing rates.

  10. Click Save.

Connecting Credit Card Terminals

Hardwired Terminals You'll need to use an ethernet cable to connect a hardwired terminal to your network router.

Wireless Terminals Connect to your Wi-Fi network manually by entering the SSID (the network name) or by scanning for nearby networks on your wireless terminal. Enter your Wi-Fi password to finish connecting.

Linking Terminals to the POS

  1. On your terminal, find and write the IP address.

  2. Open the Selflane POS app. Then, go to ⋯ More > Payment Settings.

  3. In the PAX Terminal box, tap the 🔗 link icon.

  4. Enter the terminal IP address. Tap Save.

For recommended terminal settings, see Credit Card Terminals.

For recommended models, see Hardware.

Connecting Printers

Before you start 👉 Ensure your iPad is connected to the same network as your printers. 👉 For Printers with WiFi Interfaces: Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPad. 👉 For Printers with Ethernet Interfaces: Ensure that there's an open LAN port on your network router for the printer's ethernet cable.

        Your iPad must be connected this router's network.
  1. Open the Selflane POS app. Then, go to ⋯ More.

  2. Tap + to add a printer.

  3. Select your printer on the Discover Printer page to set it up. If your printer doesn't show up, tap to search for printers again. Or, tap + to add it manually.

Kitchen Display System (optional)

Our Kitchen Display System app (KDS) is $20/per month/per station and runs on iOS and Android. Choose a compatible device and display orders.

To get started with KDS, download the Kitchen Display System app from the App Storeopen in new window or Google Storeopen in new window.

  1. Open the Kitchen Display System app on the display device. Then, log into your business account.

  2. Tap the gear icon to set the Station for the display. Setting station numbers for each display will let you tag orders and report sales by station.

Navigation - To refresh the KDS, tap the refresh icon in the upper-left. - To show new orders, toggle the switch in the header. - To exit the display, tap the door icon in the upper-right.

Next Steps

Set up your staff and seating.

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