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About 2 min

Learn how to set up your business profile and online ordering.

Business Profile and Online Information

On our Sign Up page, you can either use a Google account or another email to sign in. Once you've signed up, you'll receive a verification email.

  1. Log in to the Back Office.

  2. Enter your business's name, address, phone number, and website. If it's been established, Google Search will populate details for the rest of the form.

  3. Set the hours for your business, then click Create a Business.

  4. If it's your first time creating a business on Selflane, you'll see the Guide page. Go to Settings > Profile.

  5. Select and upload your business logo. We recommend using SVG files or transparent PNG files (256px x 256px).

  6. Edit your basic business information. Select a general price range, enter your website, and then select your cuisine categories. Lastly, enter a description for your restaurant. Click Save.

  7. Enter the preferred email for online order notifications.

    To receive a phone call notification for online orders, enter your phone number and click Save. Please note: The auto-call service costs 10 cents per call. We deduct from the order payment.

  8. Edit the information for how your business profile information will display to customers on Selflane. Select the attributes that best match your business. Enter lead times if relevant, then click Save.

  9. Toggle and edit Catering settings if your business offers this service.

  10. Upload and submit your business licenses (e.g. certificate of occupancy, food service license, liquor licenses, etc.).

Online Order Initial Setup

To start taking online orders, you'll need to enter your taxpayer information and confirm your payout accounts.

We process customer payments through Stripe for online ordering. See our Selflane Paymentsopen in new window guide for more information.

To set up your payout account and taxpayer information, you'll sign up for a Stripe accountopen in new window with us. Your account should be approved in a few minutes if your information is accurate.

  1. Go to Owner's Portal > Payments. Click Start Now.

  2. Enter your business taxpayer information. If you agree to Terms of Use, click Save.

  3. Under Payout Account, click Update Company Information. Enter your business name and EIN.

  4. Add your business owners' names and addresses.

  5. Add your business payout bank accounts.

  6. Your information should populate the Payments homepage.

eGift Card Setup (optional)

The eGift Card Program lets customers purchase virtual gift cards online. You can set a minimum purchase dollar amount and choose to apply a discount percentage.

  1. Go to Performance > Gift Cards.

  2. Toggle the On switch for the eGift Card Program.

  3. Click Edit. Then, set the minimum purchase amount.

  4. Optionally, enter the discount percentage and associated minimum qualified purchase.

  5. Click Save.

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