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Create a Business

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Create a Business

We live in a time where whatever we want or need can be obtained with just a few clicks on our smart devices. Consumers have come to expect the ability of an online ordering system, especially with food. If you are in the restaurant business and haven’t joined the bandwagon of the restaurant online ordering system, you’re already missing out on great opportunities to grow your business significantly. Online ordering will not only simplify the lives of your customers, but it will also help your restaurant stay ahead in the competitor market. This in turn, will increase your sales.

Online Ordering with Selflane

uncertain times, paying third party apps such as Ubereats and Grubhub can be costly for your business, when delivery and takeout is the only way many restaurants are driving revenue. There are no caveats or hidden fees. Our system is easy to set up, and you can do it yourself at your own convenience. However, help is always around in case you need it. Are you ready to see your restaurant business thrive with technology within a matter of hours?

Sign-up for an Account on Selflane

  • Go to
  • You can either log in with your Gmail account, or sign up with your email address.

Create a Business

  • On the left side bar, select the “Create New Business” tab. This should be the second to the last tab, before “Sign Out”.
  • Once you are on the “Create Business” page, fill out your restaurant information. You can expedite this process if your business is already on Google. All you’ll have to do is enter your restaurant name, and all the information will be pre-filled.
  • Be sure to check for accuracy once everything is filled. Click the “Create a Business” button.

Build Your Menu

  • Menus are defined in a three-tier structure: Menus | Courses | Dishes
  • Click on “Menu” in the sidebar (it will be under “Settings”).
  • Click on the “Add+” button on the top right-hand side. This will allow you to make one or more menus, such as lunch and dinner.
  • If your menu is offered at certain times and dates, enable the “Special Schedule” toggle, and choose the dates and times that this menu is valid (i.e. lunch is served Monday – Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.).
  • When you’re done, click “Save”.

Adding Courses

  • Click on the “Courses” button, right next to “Menus”.
  • Click on the “Add+” button to create your Appetizers, Entrees, and Desserts.
  • Optional: you can provide a Profit & Loss Group (P&L) to facilitate reporting.
  • Once done, click “Save”.

Adding Dishes

  • Click on the “Dishes” button.
  • Click on the “Add+” button and type out all your dishes’ names and prices. Be sure to select the menu and course that the dish belongs to.
  • To add more dishes, click on the “More Dish+” button on the top right or the down key arrow. Underneath “Print”, select where you would like the order to be printed by clicking on the correct icon:
  • Silverware = Kitchen
  • Wine glass = Bar
  • Silverware 2 and 3 = Print to kitchen 2nd and 3rd station, respectively
  • Once done, click “Save”.

Creating Modified Dishes

You can come up with any modifications for your dishes so that your customers have the ability to customize their orders.

  • Click on the “Modifiers” button.
  • Create a modifier by clicking the “Add+” button.
  • To modify sizes, type out all the sizes on the “Choices” bar, and separate them with commas. Then, click on the arrow to the right of the - bar. This will allow you to adjust the price of the modified sizes.
  • Once done, click “Save”.

Taxpayer Information

  • Select the “Create Payout Account” button.
  • Indicate whether your restaurant is taxed as a company or as an individual.
  • If you select taxed as a company...
  • Provide the legal company name, phone number, EIN, Tax ID, and address. Double check accuracy of the information to expedite the process.
  • Select “Agree to terms of use”.
  • Click “Save”.
  • Next, upload a picture of the restaurant’s business license. This is used to verify the business as a qualified restaurant. Usually, it will take 10 minutes or less to be verified. Once you’re approved, you’ll be notified through email.
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