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Here is a list of hardwares we recommend.

iPads and iPhones

The Selflane POS App runs on all iPads (mini, Air, Pro) and iPhones with iOS 15+.

We recommend setting up Guided Access with the iPad so your server doesn't accidentally close the app. Please refer to Apple's website for step by step instruction: Use Guided Access with iPadopen in new window


Our support includes printing for the front desk, label printing, and up to three kitchen stations. One printer can be assigned for multiple purposes.

EPSON Printers

We support EPSON thermal and impact printers with ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth interfaces. We highly recommend the low-cost T20 series and faster T80 series for thermal printing. For colored printing in the kitchen, we recommend the TM-U220 impact printer, although it operates at a slower speed.

Star Printers

We support Star thermal printers with ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth interfaces, including models such as TSP143IV, mc-Print2, mc-Print3, etc. Please note that we do not support TSP143III.

Credit Card Machine

We support semi-integration with PAX credit card machines. The PAX S300 is recommended. The wireless options are PAX S920 and PAX D220. Please ask your processer to follow our instructions on setting up communication parameters below.

Communication Setup

Please make sure the setting matching the following picture exactly.


Auto Batch Setup

Do this if you want the PAX to auto batch every night. Otherwise, you can always do manual batch from POS everyday after closing.


Contactless Payment

Enable this for contactless payments.


Stripe Reader

We support Stripe Reader M2.

Example Setup

Here is an example setup you can see at Basil Leaf in Albuquerque, NM.

Basil Leaf
Basil Leaf

How to Purchase

iPads and iPhones are universal and standard. You can purchase them from us or any vendors.

Printers are standard and available from various vendors, yet they are crucial for your business's operation. If you are uncertain about finding reliable sources, we highly recommend purchasing them directly from us.

Credit card machines are typically tied to merchant services and require preconfiguration. If you need assistance with Merchant Services, please contact us.

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