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Active Marketing

Member is a loyalty marketing program for restaurants. Members earn points by dining either in the restaurant or ordering online. The points are integer values that rounds the spending of menu items. That means only the net sales for restaurant are counted.

Dollar spending before Tax/Tip and after any Discounts = Points

A valid member requires name and phone number. The phone number would be unique and used for identifying member. If the member is a Selflane User, it can also be identified by the profile QR Code.

Addtional information for a member include:

  • Email
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary Day
  • Spouse's email, name, and birthday

Points can be used redeemed in two manners.

  1. Point equivalent items. For example, 20 points for a cup of coffee.
  2. Point equivalent vouchers. For example, 100 points for $5.

Active Marketing. We can send out scheduled active marketing emails with promotions to members.

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