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A guide to leverage the power of your community for your business.

Why Selflane Influencer Program

Harness Power of Every Size Resources

From big media to individual influencers, our program takes you to every size resource. With a broad reach, it brings in new customers for your business from radio listeners, TV watchers, to friends and families of the existing customers.


Flexible Onboarding Process

Set up a promotion and commission plan at any time with any influencers. No contract nor upfront fee, even with a big name like iHeartRadio.


Efficient Cost Management

You only pay if a sale is made through an affiliate who has influenced the conversion. Our system provides you a real-time ROI (return on investment) analysis so you can evaluate on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.


A Win-Win-Win Program

Your business will expose more from all media channels, gain more customers, make more sales. Customers will be happier with discounts and promotions. Media and people will be excited to talk about your business and making earnings. Needless to say, Selflane Influencer Program facilitates a win-win-win for all parties involved in a local community.


Set Up Programs

We bring modern word of mouth marketing to the local community that motivates and rewards local media and people to talk about your business and bring more sales to you. You can opt for two types of influencer programs:

  1. Premium Influencer Program. Work with premium influencers with tailors discounts and commissions.
  2. Open Influencer Program. Build an open program to allow any influencers to use.

Premium Influencer Program

Selflane works with premium influencer like iHeartRadio to build a great channel to help local business grow sales.

Open Influencer Program

An open program allows any individual or organization to market your business and earn commissions.

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