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This is a module that was developed for special events.


This is the information view of all events that have been set up.


Add & manage your events.

  • Check State and Local laws for fund raising.
  • To Add an event, click icon in the upper left corner of the page.
  • Type in the tax rate percentage if applicable.
  • Type in the name of the ticket.
  • Assign a price per ticket & the maximum number of tickets to be sold.
  • Assign the event’s (Actual event) start and end date & time by clicking on the corresponding box.
  • Assign the event’s sales (Period tickets will be sold) start and end date & time by clicking on the corresponding box.
  • Type in the title of the event (The font and style can be assigned here as well).
  • Type in the website’s URL. (Optional)
  • Click Save

To upload Poster, click Upload Poster

  • The Poster will be displayed on the events public page.
  • Poster’s size is 341px x 179px.
  • To view the events public page, click “Event Public Page” above the QR Code.
  • The public page is the online purchase portal for the Event tickets.
  • The QR Code will access the Public Page.

To upload Background, Click Upload Background

  • This is the background for the countdown page.
  • Background Size is 341px x 112px.
  • To view the Countdown Page, click “Countdown Page” above the QR Code.
  • The countdown page will display the number of tickets sold, the value of the event, and the time left to purchase tickets.

The QR code can be copied and pasted to improve access to the event.


The list of tickets sold.

  • Ticket number, Purchaser’s Name, Purchaser’s Phone number, Purchaser’s email. The email is optional for in person ticket purchases.
  • To View the complete list of tickets, click Rows per page and choose All.
  • To print click CSV at the lower left of the box.
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