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Employee Management

Less than 1 minute

Empower your business by seamlessly managing staff, scheduling, timesheets, and payroll in one central hub.

First, you'll add employees to the Back Office. From there, they'll be able to log into the POS based on the permissions you've set.

Additionally, you can set up checklists for each role to guide your staff.

Then, you'll set up your staff schedules and track their timesheets.

Lastly, approve, edit, or add staff payroll.

Team Management: Centralize employee data, permissions, and roles for streamlined operations.

Scheduling: Create, modify, and manage staff schedules for optimized workflow.

Timesheet: Accurately monitor working hours and facilitate labor efficiency.

Payroll: Simplify the payroll process by accessing all relevant information in one place.

7Shifts Ingretation: Elevate your team and location management with our 7Shifts integration

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