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Subscription & Billing

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The Service provided to you are charged on the first day of next month. For example, if you used basic plan service in January 2018, the invoice will be sent on February 1st, 2018. If you have a valid credit card on your profile, the invoice will be automatically billed to the card. Otherwise, you would have to manually pay the bill by clicking on the pay button along with the bill. All charges are due at the start of the next billing cycle. Failure to pay the bill would incur a late fee of $10.00 in the next invoice. If not paid by the end of the third month your subscription may be suspended until all invoices are paid.

Payment Method The method used to pay the SelfLane subscriptions.

To enter or edit the payment method, click Edit in the upper right of the box.

  • Type in the credit card number, expiration date, and CVC number.
  • Click Save

Monthly Bills Hardware & Service Bills

Bills are listed annually by month. To view previous years, click on the date dropdown menu in the upper left of the box.

  • To save/print the bill click PDF on the corresponding of the bill.
  • To Pay the bill click Pay on the corresponding of the bill.
    • This will give you the option to Pay the bill with any online sales balance available or pay by credit card.
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