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Chowly Integration

Less than 1 minute

Through our integration with Chowly, we effortlessly synchronize menus and orders with leading third-party marketplaces like UberEATS, Grubhub, and Doordash. By automatically aggregating all marketplace orders in our POS system, your business benefits from substantial labor savings on order processing. Additionally, the streamlined kitchen operations utilize the same language and setup for all orders, enhancing efficiency and organization.

Please Make a Requestopen in new window with us if you need this integration.

Notes on Chowly Integration

Holiday Hours

We can only sync weekly hours to Chowly, not special hours. If you need to close on specific days, such as holidays, please update them directly on the respective platforms.

Nested Modifiers

Unlike our own online ordering website and apps, third-party platforms don't support nested modifiers. Even when they do, they don't function as ours do, such as modifying prices based on size selection, etc.

If you want to sync menus to third-party platforms, please ensure the corresponding menu doesn't use nested modifiers.

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