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Gift Cards

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With Selflane, you can choose to have any or all of the three types of gift card programs.

E-Gift Cards sold from Online Shop on

Physical Gift Cards that are managed by ValuTec

Paper Gift Certificates a budget-friendly traditional gift option

E-gift Cards

E-gift cards are sold on Selflane.comopen in new window. You can turn it on/off in the back officeopen in new window. Here are the main features:

  • Can be purchased online anytime, including during closed hours. Customers don't have to come to your restaurant to purchase the gift card.
  • Customers can send the gift card to family, friends, and colleagues via email.
  • Customers can redeem the gift card either online or in the store.

There is no monthly fee or setup fee for eGift cards - you can turn it on or off at any time. We charge a 3% commissioning fee for every sold eGift card.

See details in Pricing.

Physical Gift Cards

Physical Gift Cards are the traditional gift cards that you can issue to customers. We have an integration with ValuTecopen in new window to issue and process cards with them. Here are the main features:

  • You can have your own branded gift card design.
  • The usage is similar to a credit card, which customers will typically be familiar with.

There are usually fees in purchasing physical gift cards, setting up merchant accounts, and processing transactions. The fee depends on the agreement between you and the card processor.

Gift Certificates

Paper Gift Certificates provide a classic alternative to gift cards and are often a more budget-friendly choice. If your certificate comes with a unique number, our POS system can record it, facilitating the tracking and management of redemptions.

How to Start Using Paper Gift Certificates

The system comes equipped with Paper Gift Certificates as a payment option. You have the flexibility to enable or disable this feature in the back office under Payment Settingsopen in new window.

How to Customize Different Types of Certificates

Within Gift Settingsopen in new window, you can assign names to distinguish various certificate types and adjust settings to require entering the certificate ID.

How to Pay Orders with Gift Certificates

Simply navigate to the Pay screen, click on Gift Card, and choose Certificate, as demonstrated in the screenshots below.

Gift Certificate Step 1
Gift Certificate Step 1
Gift Certificate Step 2
Gift Certificate Step 2
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