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Gift Certificates

Paper Gift Certificates provide a classic alternative to gift cards and are often a more budget-friendly choice. If your certificate comes with a unique number, our POS system can record it, facilitating the tracking and management of redemptions.

How to Start Using Paper Gift Certificates

The system comes equipped with Paper Gift Certificates as a payment option. You have the flexibility to enable or disable this feature in the back office under Payment Settingsopen in new window.

How to Customize Different Types of Certificates

Within Gift Settingsopen in new window, you can assign names to distinguish various certificate types and adjust settings to require entering the certificate ID.

How to Pay Orders with Gift Certificates

Simply navigate to the Pay screen, click on Gift Card, and choose Certificate, as demonstrated in the screenshots below.

Gift Certificate Step 1
Gift Certificate Step 1
Gift Certificate Step 2
Gift Certificate Step 2
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