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General settings

  • Edit the hour your business day ends, by using the time dropdown menu. The default is 12:00 midnight, which is most common. If you have a bar you may want to choose a time that is at least an hour after your closing time. This will be the cut-off time for the business’s daily financial information.
  • Cash drawer initial fund The starting amount of cash in the cash drawers.
  • Present Items Alphabetically in Make Order Screen. If you want the menu items will be listed alphabetically on the iPads. When turned off the menu can be sorted to your preference.
  • Require clock in When on, the server is required to clock in before entering an order.
  • Require photo clock in Turn on if you require camera capture when clocking in.
  • Clock out anytime When off the server should close all orders under his/her name before clocking out.
  • Tip details in report When on, tip details will show in the reports.
  • Hide fee & tip in online order When on, the fee and tip will not show on the online order receipt.
  • Tip cc processing fee apply to employee When on the percentage to be charged to the employee for the credit card tip amount.
  • Discount details in report When on, discount details will show in the reports.
  • Auto open drawer in cash payment When on the cash drawer will open when a cash payment is executed.
  • Allow any staff to open drawer When on, any employee in the staff module can open the cash drawer. Recommended if robbery is likely.
  • Enable multiple shifts for daily operation When on, a business can close out multiple shifts per day. Recommended for cash accountability for shift cash accountability.
  • Print all charges separated by station (default is cash charges only) When on, all tender options will show up per station (only when each iPad is assigned a station number).
  • Preauthorize credit card Allow open tab A business can preauthorize a credit card, so it is not necessary to present the credit card again.
  • Must select a required modifier When on, a required modifier must be selected. Recommend being turned on.
  • Pop dish editor only if with required modifier When on only required modifiers will be shown on the order screen. Recommend being turned off.
  • Skip select seat for dine-in order When on, the seat and table entry will not be required. If the business wishes to know guest counts this should be turned off.
  • Default Party Size.
    • Set to 0 to mandatory select seat.
    • Set to any other number to automatically utilize it for guest count. The default Party size can always be overridden.
  • Do not allow cancellation of online orders from POS – When on, the online orders cannot be canceled from the iPads. It can be canceled in the back office with the correct credentials. Online delivery orders cannot be canceled at the business level. A Selflane representative must be contacted with the delivery order number and guest name.
  • Do not allow exempt tax When on, a tax-exempt transaction cannot be processed.
  • Allow send and pay When on, a server/cashier can collect payment for orders immediately. This option can be set to “Pay and Send”, the ticket will not be sent to the kitchen until the order has been paid for.
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