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POS App Changelog

About 28 min

We thank our clients for giving us timely feedback. We will keep focusing on making better products.

6.25 - 2024-07-06

Minor update: Allow editing hours to extend beyond midnight (brought this feature from the back office to the POS directly).

6.24 - 2024-07-02

  • Improve the Batch Closing procedure. Give clear instructions on the Not Found case, which could result from no transaction processed yet or the batch already closed.

6.23 - 2024-06-25

  • Improve modifier layout: use more horizontal scroll on each section of choices to allow you scroll all modifier sections faster.

6.22 - 2024-06-18

  • Improved Staff Loading for Multiple Locations business.
  • Add Service Items to Daily Sales Report.

6.21 - 2024-06-11

Improve Clock In and Out with the recent feature that allowed staff to work at multiple locations.

6.20 - 2024-06-10

  • Add Manager Approval for custom modifiers (a customizable feature from the back office).

6.19 - 2024-05-30

Allow Staff to Work at Multiple Business Locations

  • Our system now supports assigning staff to work at multiple business locations, providing greater flexibility in managing your workforce.

6.18 - 2024-05-15

Add the summary of Service Items to daily reports and the printed version.

6.17 - 2024-05-14

Basic maintenance. No feature changes.

6.16 - 2024-04-17

For limited access businesses, online orders will now display the access ID provided by the customer, such as a Club member ID, ensuring seamless identification and management of orders.

Additionally, for food trucks, we've introduced a new feature that allows you to edit and update addresses directly within the POS system. This enhancement streamlines the process of managing location details, enabling food truck operators to maintain accurate and up-to-date information with ease.

6.15 - 2024-04-12

Introduce Service Items to orders. Service Item is a product or service that is automatically attached to all qualified orders. It can be configured as either a percentage or a fixed amount charge.

For instance, if you require a pre-tax percentage fee to be applied to all orders, you can create a service item with a percentage value.

Alternatively, if you need to add a fixed amount charge, such as a utensil fee for all to-go orders, you can create a service item with a specific fixed amount.

6.14 - 2024-03-22

We've made it simpler for businesses that don't need tip and signature features in the customer-facing display. Now, you can customize it according to your needs.

6.13 - 2024-03-21

Implemented updates to the deferred printing time for receipt printing. This improvement aims to optimize the system's monitoring of pending printing jobs for future orders, ensuring timely processing and fulfillment.

Minor improvements have been made to time formatting to enhance readability and consistency throughout the system.

6.12 - 2024-03-18

Implemented a new feature to include gift card void actions in the action log.

6.11 - 2024-03-14

Enhancements have been made to logging order actions, particularly focusing on voiding items and payments. These improvements aim to provide more comprehensive and accurate records of such actions for better tracking and accountability. Stay tuned for further enhancements in upcoming updates to continue refining the logging system for an even smoother user experience.

6.10 - 2024-03-07

  1. Manager Approval for Ticket Transfers:

    • Users now have the option to require manager approval for transferring tickets, adding an extra layer of control and oversight to this process.
  2. Expanded Choices for Deferred Printing Time Settings:

    • Additional choices have been added to the deferred printing time settings, providing users with more flexibility in configuring printing schedules according to their specific needs.
  3. Manager Approval Exit Button:

    • A new exit button has been added to the manager approval screen, allowing users to navigate away if no manager is available to approve the request. This prevents the screen from becoming stuck, ensuring smooth operation even in the absence of managerial oversight.

6.09 - 2024-02-29

  • This minor update continues to addresses a specific issue related to crashes occurring during certain closing batch processes.

6.08 - 2024-02-28

  • This minor update addresses a specific issue related to crashes occurring during certain closing batch processes.

6.07 - 2024-02-08

  • Enhanced the waitlist block with additional details, including member information and visit history.
  • Enhanced order printing status monitoring for improved efficiency.

6.06 - 2024-02-05

  • Enabled the Star SP700 kitchen printer to print modifiers in red color.

6.05 - 2024-01-15

  • Resolved a time display issue related to created table reservations.
  • Fixed a printing issue associated with voided items (incorrect items being sent to the kitchen).

6.04 - 2023-12-21

  • Starting a tab now includes the authorization code in the post-auth request with the processor.

6.03 - 2023-11-25

  • Time Formatting on Receipt: Fixed the formatting of time printed on receipts.
  • Recurring Receipt Printing Issue: Resolved an issue that could lead to recurring receipt printing for online orders.
  • Cash Discount in Post Auth: Resolved an issue related to applying authorized tabs with non-cash discount adjustments.
  • App Stability: Implemented improvements to enhance overall app stability.

6.02 - 2023-11-15

We've rolled out some new features in our latest update:

  • Dual Pricing Capability: Now, enjoy the flexibility of dual pricing options.

  • Dish Ready Button Overlay: Based on valuable feedback from Urban 360 Pizza, we've introduced an overlay for the 'Dish Ready' button to enhance user experience.

  • Dish Printer Settings: Easily access dish printer settings.

  • Fixed: In version 6.01, an error was introduced that inadvertently hid modifiers intended solely for the Point of Sale (POS) view, not the customer. We've addressed and resolved this issue in response to valuable feedback from Chinshan. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

6.01 - 2023-11-09

This update concentrates on enhancing printing-related functions, introducing the following improvements:

  • Deferred Printing: You now have the ability to clearly define the timing for order transmission to the kitchen.
  • Transparent Printing: Management and Log: Gain visibility with a clear printing management system and log.
  • Solidified Printing: Ensure jobs are consistently and reliably printed.

6.00 - 2023-11-02

Include direct editing capabilities for hours and printing options on the home screen. Fix a menu view issue in iOS 15.

5.99 - 2023-10-30

We adopted the new Menu View to make orders and add items to existing orders. We make UI/UX improvements to the ordering process as well.

5.98 - 2023-10-26

We fixed a few UI/UX issues with the Menu View.

5.97 - 2023-10-20

We implemented a new Menu Display in the Make Order screen. The previous display had a conflict with iOS 17.0.3, it would cause random crashes. In this new display, we incorporated several new features.

  1. Now you can list menus either by menu with courses stacked on each other, or by courses (our classical view).
  2. All pop up windows that allows you to put in customer name, phone, order tag, etc., are now inside the menu display to give you less intruding flow in entering information.

5.96 - 2023-10-05


  • An improved Stripe reader finder.
  • Allow custom tip amount in the customer-facing display.
  • iOS 17 tested.

5.95 - 2023-08-31


  • Allow to set up a default party size (this would allow the system to skip the party size selection step).
  • Pull up customer order history and add items to the cart directly from the history.
  • Allow custom call ID service on different stations.

5/94 - 2023-08-18


  • For a business that allows clock out anytime, the app will leave the orders open for later tip adjustment, etc.
  • Tip suggestion now can include tax in the calculation.

5.93 - 2023-08-17


  • Allow print staff report before clocking out (but require all orders paid off)
  • Mandatory clock-in.

5.92 - 2023-08-08


  • Improve the drive-thru module (payment UX).

5.91 - 2023-07-31


  • Integrated with Call ID service. The POS will respond to phone calls, fill in the customer information and bring their purchasing history.

5.90 - 2023-07-27


  • A new clock-out protocol.
  • Resolve an issue with the iPhone version not accessing the More settings.
  • Retire old drive-thru display.

5.89 - 2023-06-18


  • Change wording of Tip to Gratuity.

5.88 - 2023-06-14


  • Improve Make Order layout: show phone pad in default for to-go orders.
  • Click a table to access the order directly.
  • Improve employee clock-in.

5.87 - 2023-05-02


  • A new Dish Editor that is more streamlined for editing modifiers.
  • Allow turning off the gift certificate option.

5.86 - 2023-04-25


  • Add/Edit note to a loyalty member.
  • Only allow void cash, or check payments within 5 minutes of putting in those payments. Otherwise, it might require manager approval.
  • Improve order refresh rate specifically in paying off an order.

5.85 - 2023-04-20


  • Allow merchants to edit the ready time of an online order. The system would notify the customer of the change.

5.84 - 2023-04-17


  • Swivel Tip Adjuster now follows the receipt-printing settings. In the past, it always prints a receipt in tip adjustment.

5.83 - 2023-04-01


  • Improve the order loading performance.

5.82 - 2023-03-27


  • Improve menu presentation that adapts to the time of the day. i.e., refresh the menu properly to show lunch or dinner menus in the front depending on the current time.
  • Add more tracking capability to crashes.

5.81 - 2023-03-26


  • Fix a missed SN property for transactions processed with A35.

5.80 - 2023-03-23


  • Add a Ticket Center for the merchant to handle online order issues.
  • Add a progress timer to every occupied table/reservation.
  • Fix a payment printing issue with Send & Pay action.

5.79 - 2023-03-21


  • Add calculated miles when entering the customer address.
  • Minor UI and performance improvement.

5.78 - 2023-03-18


  • Allow recovery of missed "post-auth" transactions.
  • Keep a log of receipt or kitchen printing activities.
  • Improve order view with details such as total quantity.
  • Add receipt printing record to table management view. Allow staff quickly know if a table is about to checkout.
  • Print customer receipt on tip adjusted from the customer-facing display.

5.77 - 2023-03-15


  • Introduce a new Table Management module.
  • Assign Adjust Price to a menu & course for P&L report purposes.
  • Split check allows adding items. Voiding items would require manager approval.
  • Allow customizing default order type. Either Dine in or Pick up.
  • Recover missed transactions with proper cash adjustment.
  • Allow voiding cash/check payments without manager approval.

5.76 - 2023-02-28


  • Missed transaction finder now prevents matching orders from the wrong date.
  • Add manager approval to editing items in a check.
  • Change the wording "Tip" for a mandatory tip to "Auto Gratuity" (suggested by California regulation)

5.75 - 2023-02-23


  • Simplify the editing of the customer's phone and address

5.74 - 2023-02-17


  • Allow close batch when there are future orders in the system.
  • Increase the font size for the note printed in the kitchen.
  • Pay & Send now allows printing kitchen before making a payment (this option is controlled in the back office.

5.73 - 2023-02-14

Bug Fix

  • In 5.72, Pay and Send would print kitchen twice when showing a rotate tip editor. We've fixed this issue.

5.72 - 2023-02-13


  • Pay and Send now only send tickets to the kitchen if 1) the order has been paid, 2) the app is instructed to send without pay.

5.71 - 2023-02-09


  • Allow issuing a partial refund to the charge processed with Stripe Reader.
  • Customer-facing display: react when an order is paid, or a tip is adjusted.

5.70 - 2023-02-07


  • Show future orders in the order list.
  • Improve checking the printing status for online orders

5.69 - 2023-01-12


  • Allow closing a day shift by station instead of the entire business.

5.68 - 2022-12-15


  • Add a quick search by order number function.

5.67 - 2022-12-13


  • Add a visual notification on tip adjustment from Customer Facing Display.

5.66 - 2022-12-06


  • Improve the color scheme for the Kitchen-Prep Display.
  • Update UI for Printer selection.

5.65 - 2022-11-30


  • Update UI for the Kitchen-Prep Display.
  • Update UI for the Drive-Thru Display.

5.64 - 2022-11-29


  • Address a date issue for overnight operating businesses
  • Update the UI for the Display Hub.

5.63 - 2022-11-19


  • Update order voided items UI.
  • Update delivery tracking UI.
  • Allow skipping printing receipts on charging a credit card.
  • Fix a batching issue for PAX A35.
  • Fix a percentage discount voucher issue for the case of applying to all courses.

5.62 - 2022-11-16

Address an issue in responding to the tip entered via the front display.

5.61 - 2022-11-12


  • Restore the function to show the order in selecting from the table.
  • Close the order view properly when a staff signs out.
  • Present the order type (dine-in, takeout) selection more conveniently.

5.60 - 2022-11-11

Replace v5.59. The delivered version in App Store is an incorrect build.

5.59 - 2022-11-09


  • Significant UI rewriting in Orders view to improve the performance and stability.
  • Highlight catering order
  • Highlight order items with a quantity greater than 1. Help reduce mistakes.
  • Bring back split check by seat function.

5.58 - 2022-10-28


  • Fix the True-Cash discount calculation on the exact amount scenario.
  • Update the closing shift UI.

5.57 - 2022-10-26


  • Expand texting receipt/status capability to online orders

5.56 - 2022-10-25


  • Expand texting receipt/status capability to online orders
  • App is tested in iPadOS 16

5.55 - 2022-10-18


  • Update UIs for Pay In & Pay Out, Sales Reports, Timecard Reports, etc.

5.54 - 2022-10-17


  • Fix loading all point vouchers in the Loyalty Center

5.53 - 2022-10-12


  • Routine UI updates for printing, splitting checks
  • Fix a cash change calculation in True-Cash Discount mode.

5.52 - 2022-10-05


  • New UI for applying member points with payment.
  • General performance improvement.

5.51 - 2022-09-26


  • New UI for adding point items with Membership.

5.50 - 2022-09-17


This update focuses on addressing a few stability and operation issues.

  1. Load vouchers automatically
  2. Load printers ahead so they are available for starting uses.
  3. Handle camera permission properly for scanning usage.
  4. Include UPCE and a few other standard barcode types in the scanning bucket.
  5. Apply proper permission for editing items in split check.

5.49 - 2022-09-16


  • The menu now supports Scan Item Barcode.
  • The searching menu now supports both name and UPC/SKU.
  • New UI for Gift Card Center, Search Menu, and Loyalty Center.


  • Pay screen layout was partially covered in the iPad Mini 6.

5.48 - 2022-09-15


  • UI updated for Voucher Selector.
  • App is now tested with Xcode 14 and iOS 16.

5.47 - 2022-09-13


This update includes several UI redesigns and additional features.

  1. Hour management.
  2. Staff Login now supports passcode only.
  3. A nice screensaver when the app is in lock screen mode.
  4. Improved table reservation.
  5. Allow print customer contact info to the kitchen ticket.

5.46 - 2022-08-05


  • Allow initiate deleting account (required by Apple)
  • Improve closing batch protocol.
  • General UI/UX improvements.

5.45 - 2022-07-26


  • Increase timeout for credit card machine batching to 5 minutes.
  • Increase timeout for sending data to printer to 15 seconds.
  • Correct auto gratuity minimum people counts

5.44 - 2022-07-25

Add more visual monitoring on the printing jobs queue. Allow resending a failed job. Add Manager Approval to edit split checks. Fix the Special Pricing module (mistake started in v5.40)

5.43 - 2022-07-23

Address a crash in the printing routine.

5.42 - 2022-07-21

In this version, we further improve our kitchen printing handling.

In the previous versions, the app would delete the printing job when a kitchen printer has been powered off or disconnected from the network. We found that in a kitchen environment, this could cause missed tickets. To address this issue, we decided to keep all jobs alive for up to 10 minutes until it prints. We hope this helps you handle the rare occasions of restarting kitchen printers, etc.

5.41 - 2022-07-20

Critical Bug Fix

  • In version 5.40, we introduced a bug that would cause app to crash if you 1) void items, 2) use front display module. Please make sure you are not using version 5.40. Thanks!

5.40 - 2022-07-19

  • Allow set up custom tip tiers for the customer-facing display.

5.39 - 2022-07-13

New Feature

  • Now we support the entire line of Star Printers. This is a great addition to our current support of EPSON printers.

5.38 - 2022-07-12


  • Allow search and edit preauthorized card. Please note that a card preauthorized with a contactless method might not capture the card holder's name.
  • Allow print a simple report of the clock in/out time card.
  • Improve printing procedure to reduce the UI blocking.


  • We've seen a few cases where the App would fail to launch due to a corrupted local database. In this update, it would automatically clean up the database if the App kept crashing.

5.37 - 2022-07-12

Gradually upgrading PAX credit card APIs. In this update, we upgraded Batch closing procedure.

5.36 - 2022-07-05

This update only addresses two minor stability issues and no new features.

5.35 - 2022-06-28


  • Allow edit time for dine-in orders -- now you can put in future orders for in-house dining.
  • Improve the daily report formatting.
  • Fix a potential crash in failed sending data to printer.

5.34 - 2022-06-24


  • Hide 86ed items in the searching menu.
  • Fix automatically print to bar action.
  • Show reward payment in the daily report. Improve the daily report formatting.

5.33 - 2022-06-20


  • Improve Printer Setups: 1) printers are tied to devices and can be restored quickly in an app reinstallation. 2) monitor printer configuration from the back office.
  • Bring back skip bar printing setup.

5.32 - 2022-06-15


  • Bring back the receipt printing with no prices.
  • Improve online order printing flow.

5.31 - 2022-06-14


  • Improve the data structure to avoid crashes in printing customer receipts with suggested tips.

5.30 - 2022-06-13


  • Make sure all modifiers are printed properly to the kitchen. Previous version may skip the last modifier in the list.

5.29 - 2022-05-25


  • Rewrite the printing logic to deliver a smooth and robust experience.

5.28 - 2022-05-02


  • Add manager approval to drive-thru void item

5.27 - 2022-04-30


  • Show 86'ed items in the menu but do not allow ordering.
  • Remove an extra spacer in the kitchen printing.

5.26 - 2022-04-25


  • Improve app settings data storage.
  • Custom lock screen to 30, 60, 90, 120 seconds.


  • The system allowed registering a cash payment when the Stripe reading is still in collecting payment mode.

5.25 - 2022-04-18


  • Improved customer-facing display gratuity procedures. Allow custom default tip rate.
  • Better handling of multi-language in the kitchen.

5.24 - 2022-03-29


  • Improve the flow of Stripe Reader controls.

5.23 - 2022-03-10

New Features

  • Event Order and Ticketing Module

5.22 - 2022-03-08


  • Customer credit card receipt was missing the signature line in v5.21

5.21 - 2022-03-06


  • Dynamically load up printer options in a custom dish.

5.20 - 2022-02-16


  • Remove unnecessary warnings in the printed daily report
  • Show tip line in Bluetooth payment receipt

5.19 - 2022-02-13


  • Optimize grouped-item printing in the kitchen.
  • Add device id to kitchen printing ticket for better status monitoring.
  • Add device id to crash tracking.

5.18 - 2022-02-07


  • Add customer name on each item to display when available
  • Auto print label items
  • Improve the kitchen printing routine to reduce printer conflicts.

5.17 - 2022-02-03

  • Minor maintenance update.

5.16 - 2022-02-01


  • Fixes a kitchen printing issue with long modifier names. In v5.15, when the last item has a long modifier name, it may be cut off from the printing.

5.15 - 2022-01-28


  • Grouped Printing in the kitchen. Now you can assign items to special groups such as Hot, Cold, etc. Items will be grouped properly in the printed ticket to the kitchen.
  • We also improved the fonts in the kitchen printing ticket to make it more legible.

These updates will make your kitchen a lot more efficient in handling high volume demands.

5.14 - 2022-01-25


  • Allow quickly switching staff profile in paying an order.
  • Add tag info in the order detail view.


  • Update address info promptly in making a delivery order.

5.13 - 2022-01-23


  • Suggested tip now supports both compact and informative styles.

5.12 - 2022-01-18


  • Add tax item breakdown in the overall report and the server report.
  • Add Stripe payments in server report.

5.11 - 2022-01-16


  • Improve the pay logic to prevent overpaid tickets.
  • Improve the Stripe logic to prevent sticking in collecting payment mode.
  • Improve the logic to prevent App with no Bluetooth permission from crashing.

5.10 - 2022-01-10


  • Improve UI layout in iPhone version.


  • Fix the adjusted amount in the true-cash discount setup.

5.09 - 2022-01-09


  • Improve stability related to staff database.
  • Correct the presented base amount for payment. It should include the adjusted amount when available.
  • Correct an auto-tip issue.

5.08 - 2022-01-08


  • Our introduction of Stripe Terminal in v5.07 triggered a crash when the bluetooth permission is not yet set. We fixed it in this update. Sorry for the problem.

5.07 - 2022-01-06

Happy New Year!


  • Introduce Stripe Terminal. With this versatile payment option, you can easily take this POS on the go or to the tableside.


  • Improve local database stability.
  • Delivery address note was not reflexed properly in editing.

5.06 - 2021-12-15


  • Introduce device-level data for future remote troubleshooting capability.
  • Turn off the new version availability alert.


  • Update the custom auto tip module. Some devices don't present the module.

5.05 - 2021-12-08


  • Update UI to make it adapt better in different screen sizes.
  • Allow close order with a specific named external card.
  • Allow put in future date orders.


  • Entering customer for to-go order got a bug in 5.04. We fixed it in this version.

5.04 - 2021-12-06


  • Update UI to make it adapt better in different screen sizes.


  • Fix the printer assignment for custom dish

5.03 - 2021-11-30


  • Add photo to staff profile
  • Add photo in clocking in (optional)

5.02 - 2021-11-28


  • Update UI to make it adapt better in different screen sizes.

5.01 - 2021-11-05


Add option to set quantity on selected modifier choices. In the past, we only allowed selecting/unselecting an item. For example, now you can add 5 Beef tacos and 2 Chicken tacos to a combo plate.


Zero-priced items with added modifiers were not printed like a regular item in the kitchen in TM-U220 impact printers.

5.00 - 2021-10-25


  • Bump minimum requirement of iOS 13. iOS 13 has been in the market for three years. We bump up the minimum requirement so we can work with more recent development tools. For clients still using iOS 12, you can either stick with the current App or upgrade your iOS to enjoy future updates. Thanks!

4.99 - 2021-10-21


  • Improve entering tag number speed.
  • Move check payment setting to back office. (No action needed, system sync the current settings to back-office automatically)
  • Update the UI of payment settings. A step forward to our future quick payment option.

4.98 - 2021-10-20

Improve the sound alert in the Kitchen Display module.

4.97 - 2021-10-12

Improve stability. No feature change.

4.96 - 2021-10-07


  • Drive-Thru now supports entering car body style, color, and driver gender. It would improve the multi-lane capability and efficiency.

4.95 - 2021-10-03


  • Allow separated tax lines.

4.94 - 2021-09-29


  • Allow text messaging on order readiness.
  • Allow hiding the "Send and Pay" button.
  • Upgrade in-app database

4.93 - 2021-09-28

  • iOS 15 compatibility.

4.92 - 2021-09-17


  • Improved the search order function. Now it scrolls to the found order automatically. It would help high-volume clients.
  • Correct the kitchen printing color when using EPSON U220.

4.91 - 2021-09-09


  • Add Drive Thru and Dine In to the bottom of kitchen tickets
  • Improve the speed of opening the cash drawer for a cash payout

4.90 - 2021-09-04


  • Improve the readability of kitchen tickets.

4.89 - 2021-08-31


  • Only show mandatory tag editor for dine-in orders.
  • Alert late orders (30') on KDS
  • Improve the uniformity of tickets printed in the front and to the kitchen.

4.88 - 2021-08-26


  • Print kitchen note also to bar printer.
  • Add kitchen note to KDS.

4.87 - 2021-08-20


  • Allow more customization of in-house gratuity sharing. Now you can share it with the kitchen and other staff at different rates. We thank Lucky Dog Billiards and B2B Bistronomy's feedback on this.
  • Improve the speed for high-volume quick service businesses.


  • Print Pay In/Out tickets.

4.86 - 2021-08-19


  • Improve UI/UX for the biz home screen.
  • Improve refreshing of preauthorized payments.

4.85 - 2021-08-18


  • Improved the auto lock up screen performance.
  • Allow customization of the Menu Marker. You can hide it completely if it is not needed.

4.84 - 2021-08-14


  • Please check out our updated logo.
  • Improved login experience. Cleaner actions for reloading business settings, etc.
  • Separated the payment from the other general settings.


  • Mandatory tag was not working with the Send & Pay action. Thanks for the feedback from Kulantro in Albuquerque.

4.83 - 2021-07-20


  • Text messaging receipt. It is a further step to reduce the need for a front printer.


  • In some cases, the auto tip may not apply to the qualified orders properly. We have fixed it in this version.

4.82 - 2021-07-18


  • Send & Pay feature. Pay an order immediately after sending ticket (quicker for bar or other quick-service cases)
  • Add no clock-in option for staff. In turning off a staff's clock-in option, the mandatory screen won't pop up.

4.81 - 2021-07-13


  • Add back the moving items feature in the Make Order screen.
  • Auto close old third-party orders.


  • Discount a split check could cause the order to appear again in the Kitchen Display.

4.80 - 2021-07-01


  • Print member point balance in receipt
  • Show member point balance in the making order and check out screen.


  • Make Order UI Improvement

    • Hide seat number for non-dine in orders. Reduce unnecessary information.
    • Remove the moving item feature for a cleaner UI
  • Biz selector

    • Improve biz selection UI. Include a short name for the chain to manage multiple locations.

4.79 - 2021-06-10


  • Loyalty program is now expanded with multi-location capabilities.

4.78 - 2021-06-09


  • Add a quick-member button in the order screen. Allow adding member info to an existing order quickly. Allow claim point after payment is made.
  • A warning message in the list of orders panel if an order is overpaid.
  • Print pay in/out activity.


  • Clock in/out UI improvement.
  • Preauth tabs now are sorted by the card holder names.


  • Apply cash discount to tab payments
  • KDS show progress as minutes explicitly
  • Upgrade HTTP networking system (Alamofire)


  • Allow disabling the tip line. Change payment receipt to “Merchant Copy” for non-restaurant clients.
  • KDS now uses automatically sizing in layout. Use red color to highlight No/Void modifiers. Add a progress bar to show items added at different times to the same order.
  • Fix an auto tip calculation mistake in evenly split check cases.


  • Checks split by fund now print receipts with prices divided by the number of checks
  • Add tag number to kitchen display and kitchen prep display


  • Fix a UI issue in selecting dish modifiers with subchoices.


  • Add a Label Printer.
  • Add customer name to every item. Print customer name with the item to label printer.
  • Matrix modifier now support adding multiple options at the same time.
  • UI improvement: Dish Editor


  • UI improvement.
  • Improve printing routines.


  • Loyalty Program Display. An easy self-sign-up station for building customer loyalties.
  • Fix the hours table in the settings.


  • In case of split check with divided items, print scaled prices. The suggested tip now included the dividing factors.
  • Add option to allow all staff to open the cash drawer.


  • Three options in layout menus: blocks, picture blocks, table.
  • Print the To-go indicator in the customer receipt.
  • Tip sharing rate with the kitchen is now managed from the back office.


  • Fix an issue in closing batch for businesses with more than 500 daily orders.


  • Fix an issue related to the server clock in function. In the previous versions, a wrong role could be presented in clocking in.


  • Fix void dish ticket. The previous versions would print a wrong dish to the kitchen with DO NOT MAKE instruction.
  • Require minimum iOS 12.


  • Print order info to the void dish kitchen ticket.
  • Close a future online order is now not allowed. This would prevent accidentally hiding future orders.


  • The Tax Exempt option now can be turned off in the back office.
  • Fix a delete button in split itemized checks
  • Fix a close button in the table reservation


  • Improve app stability in printing
  • Add a custom sound (louder and runs longer) in receiving online orders
  • Add the cash adjustment in the daily report
  • Print online order ads is now optional in customer receipt
  • Autoload updated POS settings from the back office.


  • Add five different cash discount options. Please go to the back office to set it up if this applies to your business.
  • Improve paying out experience.
  • Improve Payment Summary UI to accommodate cash discount data.
  • Fix loading server name on each payment.


  • Add curbside option
  • Routinely check both Selflane and the 3rd party orders.
  • Fix the option of hiding QR code in customer receipt. The previous version would also hide the bottom custom message.
  • Server clock out will not clear the server from the Make Order screen.


  • QRCode scanning for order is now optional.
  • Update split check view promptly when a payment is made.
  • Improve network device IP validation (ignore initial zeros).
  • Improve the waitlist module and show account balance.


  • Sync orders for businesses using multiple KDS screens.
  • Display distance in proper units: miles for US, km for Canada.


  • Improve the order list view loading to reduce lag with hundreds of daily orders.
  • Fix a bug that prevent adjust tip for split check in the consolidated tip editor.


  • Improve the printing functions
  • Add customer phone number to the order list view for convenience
  • Delivery order now automatically deduct 20 minutes in all views
  • Regular maintenance


  • Improve UI
  • Regular maintenance



  • Fix an issue for activating a gift card for $10.
  • Routinely check online orders and printing status. Ensure all online orders are printed.
  • Minimum delivery time change to 40 minutes.


  • Adapt to updated business access rules.
  • Improve the process of automatcally printing online orders.
  • Fix the print button in recent batches.


  • Fix phone number display and printing for some new restaurants.
  • Add signature to customer front display. Print signature on receipts.
  • Fix time picker for reservation in iOS 14
  • Proper suggested tip for small bills (coffee/ice cream shop)
  • Fix waitlist ready button in Xcode 12


  • Fix a Google Analytics caused random crash


  • Fix peer communication in iOS 14.1
  • Fix Reopen order button


  • Allow to add seat number to kitchen ticket
  • Improve scanning eGift Card criteria


  • Fix a printing issue in iOS 14.1


  • Improve matrix modifier layout
  • Clean the time picker in iOS 13/14
  • Drop support for iOS 11


  • Google Place load with short names (simplified address)
  • Fix a bug that the buttons in some tables no longer working with recent iOS tools


  • Customize discount names
  • Add address note to printed customer receipt


  • Third party orders integration


  • Improve the UI for the Drive Through Module.


  • Allow laying out the menu with either custom order or alphabetically.
  • Print the customer payment receipt with itemized details.
  • Customer Facing Display: no longer hide tip view in putting in the new order. Only dismiss it if a tip is selected or skipped, no action in 2 minutes.


  • Display modifier with choice and subchoice line by line (optional; turn it on in the back office)
  • Allow displaying online orders only in the Kitchen Display and the Kitchen Prep Display (for stations concentrated on online orders)
  • Adjust Price for online orders if customer's requests need extra charge
  • Kitchen Display: play a sound in receiving a new order


  • Show new fees in the customer receipt and the sales report
  • Move note to the top of the customer receipt
  • Adjust zero tip if the customer chooses to skip in the Front Facing Display


  • Less intrusive notification on online orders when the iPad is set to not auto print.
  • Customer Facing Display: Return tip adjustment request to the main machine and handle failed transactions with manual retry.
  • Fix mistakes in turning on Display Services for new clients.
  • Routinely update online orders and close old orders.
  • Improve the UI for Swivel Tip Editor
  • Add details on the server and payment to the customer receipts.


  • Print customer receipt with 42 or 48 column settings
  • Move the quantity of dish to the beginning in customer receipt
  • Allow adding tip line in quick service mode
  • Print clearer customer information for to go and quick service orretrieveOrderders


  • Add customer name in quick service mode
  • Update Display Hub UI
  • A Kitchen Prep Display to help packing items more efficiently.


This update focused on improving the Front Facing Display.

  • Manually send a charge to front face display for tip adjustment
  • Reduce the chance of closing the tip adjustment view. Only close it if the main App is putting in a new order.
  • Skip zero tip adjustment
  • Send back tip adjustment message to the main App
  • Much easier to use tip adjustment gadgets
  • Close order view once it is closed in the main App
  • Reload order once tip adjusted by the customer

Other features

  • Apple Sign In
  • Fix load order remotely issue


  1. Improve KDS
  • memorize custom settings (width, show/hide summary)
  • simplify order up message
  • show zero priced items correctly
  1. Front facing display
  • fresh UI
  • animation in creating order, charging card


Quick fix: remove the extra long underline in some items printed to the kitchen.


  1. Improve the Kitchen Display System with extra functions
  • Order up in multiple tickets
  • Select/unselect the entire ticket
  • One/Two-row display
  • Show/hide cooked items
  • Display both language in KDS
  • Adjust width
  1. Partial refund online order
  2. Tracking Stability


  1. A detailed report on batch closing
  2. Show recent batches up to a week (the back office has full access)
  3. Show customer details with address
  4. Show all modifiers even with many selected ones


  1. Add retail orders. Now the retail clients don’t have to bare with our restaurant centric logics.
  2. Make manager approval for custom items optional.


Add a new feature to nested modifiers

  • Set up a limit number for free subchoices
  • On each subchoice, set up a limit for free selections


  1. Hide online order alert from front display
  2. Edit hours, lead time from POS
  3. Count cash drawer
  4. More food announcement options
  5. Further improve lead time format to make it concise.
  6. Print discounts on delivery in receipt
  7. Print delivery order to kitchen with 20 minutes ahead time


  • Add option to block external card payment for the entire business
  • Uniform both daily sales report and per shift sales report
  • Allow canceling online orders directly from the POS app. This option can be turned off in the back office.
  • Breakdown to-go orders in the report
  • Highlight customer name, address in the to-go ticket
  • Separate Gift payment into specific types.
  • Improve the status updates for online orders: include food is ready, food would be late (with specific time)


  • Add more time segments for pick up order choices
  • Allow double line tipping for kitchen staff
  • On individual punchcard card, print in both decimal and HH:MM format
  • Allow print modifiers line by line on customer receipt
  • Keep iPads on if it is set with auto print online orders
  • Turn on printing prompt after clock out


  • Delivery Address: improve the visibility of text input for room, suite
  • Printer test print with more detailed information
  • Mannually add printer if the printer failed to show in the discovery list


  • Clock out printing is now optional.
  • All to-go orders print time to the kitchen (in the past, only orders with a time that is 15 minutes later would print)
  • Bold font for customer receipt payment summary.


  • Print time card in clocking out.
  • Improve time card UI.
  • Improve mandatory requirements on clocking in for entering orders.
  • Show actions note (deleting, transferring) in order.
  • Allow transfer orders as long as it is not closed.
  • Improve split check/order instruction; Ensure split order has updated table information.
  • Improve the split check layout.
  • Fix: only staff with roles for orders are allowed to order


  • Auto gratuity updated with the following features:
    • Show amount with a clear message of added auto gratuity and the total amount.
    • Cash payments: add a cash tip line and simplify the calculation of change for cash tip.
    • Partial payments: allow tip being paid in multiple payments. In the past, the system usually put the tip in the first payment.
  • An improved discount screen UI.
  • Allow editing tip entered via external card reader; include the information in the daily report.
  • Allow sending cancel a request for online orders from POS.
  • Add cash tips to the staff report.
  • Fix: allow adding combo items in the add item screen.
  • Update Epson SDK
  • Load recent orders frequently to avoid confusion.
  • Add a summary of count & price in the Add Items screen.



  • Summarize discounts by names with counts and total value in the daily report.
  • Group half toppings by side for pizzas.
  • Optimize table layout for larger sized iPads.
  • Larger fonts for menu items. 12.9" iPads now display with 5 columns instead of 6 columns. All other sizes are using 4 columns.
  • Add items with a full-screen view to have more working space.
  • Add a handy time picker for togo order with intervals like 15 minutes up to two hours.
  • No longer print time for immediate (in 15 minutes) To-go orders in the kitchen.
  • Larger fonts in Togo or Table title in the kitchen tickets.


  • Timesheet report in both decimal and hh:mm formats.
  • Track the status of delivery orders. Show delivery partner and driver contact information.
  • Show needed time for all to-go orders in the kitchen. This was only available for online orders and far-future orders.
  • Improve kitchen ticket header information. Remove customer phone/address information which is not important to the kitchen.
  • Implement several optional functions:
    • Skip selecting the number of guests in picking a table.
    • Print total ticket value to the kitchen.
    • Print customer receipts automatically for to-go orders.
    • Print zero-priced items on customer receipts.
    • Show modifier prices on customer receipts.
    • You can control these functions in the POS settings in the back office.
  • Improve missed transaction handling.
  • Adjust Tip screen add All tickets option.
  • Fix: receipt print with single item price when multiple quantities are selected.
  • Fix: create order in occupied table popup in iOS 13.2
  • Fix: auto handle duplicate charge. This was turned off in the last two updates.


  • Customize TOGO types, and allow certain types to auto-close (e.g., 3rd party online orders).
  • Add online order note to customer receipt.
  • Voiding dish requires details such as if the dish has been made.
  • Set percentage discount with a specified reason (comp, employee meal, military, or custom names).
  • Allow manager approval for using vouchers.
  • Allow manager approval for accessing App Settings.
  • Fix: dishes hidden for online order should show in POS.


  • Membership program: find, create, edit member quickly
  • Summary of all locally connected printers and credit card machine.
  • Update status messages to show on the top of the screen. Prevent it from blocking the bottom buttons.
  • Daily Punchcard Report


  • This version is intended to address two issues in iOS 13.
    1. Fix the kitchen printing issue in graphic mode (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.)
    2. Update Google Sign In to fix an issue with the sign-in flow not starting on iOS 13.


  • Print a uniq code to combo to distinguish multiple combos.
  • Allow clear local data in the event of crashing due to corrupted local data.
  • For business running over midnight, use the correct date to pull out a report at the end of shift.
  • Tech improvement in communication with credit card machine.


  • Gift Card: A physical gift card solution
    • Activate card. Add fund. Charge card. Void transactions. Deactivate card.
    • The card terminal needs a corresponding gift card build to allow this to work.
  • Ensure special pricing doesn't apply to the repeated items
  • Delete item with manager approval information
  • The app is fully tested on iOS 13. Feel free to upgrade to the latest version.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents the App from entering sign-in information in iOS 13.
  • We plan to drop support for iOS 10 in November.


  • Member: create and edit member from POS
  • Points: show earned points for each eligible order
  • Preauth: 1) Close tabs for paid orders 2) Merge tabs when orders are merged
  • Cancel order now includes details on performer, approver, and time.


  • Waitlist: 1) edit guest information (name, size, phone) for an entered waitlist. 2) show progress on each waitlist
  • Staff roles: customize role name and access
  • Preauthorization: synchronize preauthorized card among all stations
  • Improve visibility of time info for online orders in kitchen printing
  • Printer: upgrade SDK


  • Charge gift certificates with specific names and IDs.
  • A checklist that requires staff to go over before clocking out. Can customize checklists for different roles.
  • Add two custom settings for Quick Service Restaurants. 1) Mandatory tag number, 2) Custom tag name
  • Add Postmates to to-go option.
  • Show open tab info in order preview. Help find the order for a customer quicker.
  • Specify Drive-Thru in kitchen printing


  • Mark to-go order with specifics: Call-In, Walk-In, Grubhub, UberEats, DoorDash.
  • Make staff sign in quicker -- no needs to click Enter if the passcode is correct in the first trial.
  • Membership: Redeem points for items
  • Membership: Redeem points for cash-equivalent payment
  • Fix an issue with free delivery setup.
  • Fix an issue with menus order -- pop the menus for the current time to the top of the list. e.g., move the Lunch menu to the top at lunchtime.


  • Introduce Combo. Making a burger a meal with a reduced price on drink. Buy one taco get another half price. Yes, these can be done with Combo. The combo would be acting like a single dish when you're adding quantity, repeating, etc, but working as separated items when printing to kitchen stations and presenting in the back office P&L management. Printed combo items would have "Combo" as a note by it. A purple-color mark would present on the left side of each dish if it is made as a combo.
  • Menus are presented in the order designed by the business (no longer limited to alphabetic order)
  • Edit Order -> Void Dish. The duplicated functions like adding dishes, repeating dishes are removed as they are available in the main screen.


  • Improve the UI/UX of setting up printers.


  • Introduce Matrix Modifiers -- modifiers can be used in the store for quicker customization of items.


  • An improved Bar Tabs management. Click a preauthorized card will take you directly to the order.


  • Allow putting in dishes out scheduled time window with manager approval
  • Calculate the total balance with the pay-in/out made to the cash drawer



  • Loyalty program. Search Member with phone number. Exchange points for merchandise (Point Items) or discounts (Point Vouchers)
  • Allow rotating tip editor for all types of services (was limited to quick services)
  • Print an updated customer payment receipt when the tip is adjusted by the customer


  • Refresh dish detail property for each order. (This fixes display misinformation introduced in 4.02)
  • Fix the layout of online note to orders in different iPad sizes.


  • Show dish quantity in a larger font
  • Record payment with the station number


  • Optimize layouts for different iPad models
  • A rotating tip editor for quick service restaurants


  • Increase major release number to 4 as we finished 100 sub releases in 3.XX
  • Improve daily reports:
  1. clarify the definition of net sales, gross sales, and total receivables
  2. include online payments
  3. breakdown cash payments by stations
  • Increase the font of tag number printed in kitchen, as well as the TO GO font.


  • Show payments made before tipping
  • Link to Manual


  • Option to print receipt without prices
  • Allow hiding sub-choices for modifiers


  • Update business daily report to be consistent with the back-office reporting
  • Enter order tag. Use at Quick Service Restaurant
  • Minor improvement for Wait List


  • A 3rd-party delivery module.


  • Allow larger fonts in kitchen printing in graphics mode (Asian languages)
  • Queue printing orders


  • Wait List


  • Highlight to distinguish future orders
  • Customize the display of fee and tip for online orders
  • Simplify the processes involved in handling online orders


  • Hide seat information for quick service mode
  • Increase the speed of switching to payment screen in quick service mode
  • KDS: auto load more frequently
  • Allow print two languages to kitchen tickets


  • Sales break into breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Improve menu layout


  • Allow charge credit card convenience fee
  • Show added time for each item


  • Recover a processed transaction that failed to register in POS


  • Timeout Staff Self Server
  • Customer Facing Display in dark mode
  • Return credit: click order would automatically load up return amount
  • Ticket include specific remind if the order is for future (over an hour wait)


  • Kitchen Display: auto-reload in peak hour to keep orders up to date when the notification system might slow
  • A quick search order button
  • Customer receipt prints with entire modifiers text (one line only in the past)
  • Click table in Make Order gives an option to go to the order for an occupied table
  • Improve the Loyalty Program. Now the Loyalty Program is in beta


  • Loyalty: Point Shop
  • Improve stability of server sign in.
  • Online order print to kitchen automatically. Please make sure only one iPad is set to do this.
  • A quick area code button in the phone pad.
  • Fix suggested tip in some split check scenarios.


  • A phone pad to ensure correct phone number inputs
  • Improve the process of entering pick up and delivery orders


  • Pop print to kitchen option when an online order is received
  • Kitchen Display add manual refresh button
  • Kitchen Display can view processed orders
  • Kitchen Display can be set to only show specific station and specific targets
  • Keep Kitchen Display on full time


  • Allow multi-lane drive thru
  • Allow multi-station kitchen display
  • Drive thru can edit order, pay, print at the 2nd window.
  • Customize the sorting and lane of drive-thru
  • Request a driver for delivery order!!!


  • Improve the actions of handling online orders
  • Improving to Kitchen Display System: easier to read, more responses


  • Apply special pricing to modifiers in case of using percentage discount
  • Close table when an order received a full discount
  • Option to not open drawer in cash payment


  • Merge all splitcheck should result in removing all checks
  • Correct a miscalculation in merging checks with divided dish
  • Update the layout of dishes in customer receipt: put quantity to the end with the price
  • Add customer info to kitchen ticket
  • Address a connection issue in Airplane mode


  • Improve report on tip by different methods


  • Use image in customer receipt for restaurant name and bottom message
  • Layout groundwork for Stripe Terminal


  • Show open drawer option with close batch
  • Calculate cash change depending on mandatory gratuity
  • General improvement



  • Ensure the total value in split check is rounded properly.


  • Show recent batches for reprinting
  • Can delete dish quickly in making order
  • Can quickly edit dish with large quantity
  • Improvements on drive through mode


  • Move dependencies to Pod
  • Drive-Thru Module: pay from display
  • Gift card: adjust tip enabled


  • Drive-Thru Module


  • Front(Customer) Facing Display
  • Set receipt bottom message in POS Settings. No more need in editing in individual iPad.
  • General maintenance


  • Warn if credit card payment is only partially approved
  • Fix the issue with EPSON U220 kitchen priting in printing long tickets
  • Correct formatting with half choices for toppings
  • Switch to a new server


  • Allow customized auto tip. Requires manager approval.
  • Improve the speed in opening cash drawer in case of customer paying cash.


  • Alert if an order/check is overpaid.
  • Ensure order is made with current or future time.
  • Reprint a ticket to kitchen now require manager approval.
  • Delete dish requires reason input.
  • Group reservations by date.
  • Managers don't need to reenter passcode to prove manager-level actions.


  • Upgrade EPSON SDK to address issue with TM-U220. (Still communicating with EPSON in further improvement)
  • Allow to set CC fee in server report.
  • Allow reopen closed order.
  • Allow customer tip tiers.


  • Manager approval for discount in split check
  • Remove print queue timer fire
  • Found a bug in recent Epson SDK. Roll back to their previous working version


  • Customizable kitchen print head space
  • Rotate table
  • Ensure names of table don't shrink
  • Quick service for dine in


  • Improve kitchen printing format: list modifiers line by line
  • Decouple printing from several internet activities to reduce the chance of slowing down the system


  • A server login lock screen.
  • Fix crashes in searching menu.
  • Fix refreshing data in adjusting tips.


  • A search menu feature. Now you can find items quickly in a large menu.
  • Server with full access can adjust tip for everyone and merge order from any tables.
  • Fix credit card tabs loading. Tabs being put in different iPads would be loaded in any station.
  • A few improvements to the printing style in kitchen.
  • Longer waiting time for closing batch.
  • Add gift card payments in the report.
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