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Payment Settings

About 1 min

Selflane uses two types of semi-integrated Credit Card Terminals.

PAX Terminal

Ethernet/WiFi wired terminal.

  • Tap “Payment Settings” to display the settings.
  • Tap Default in the lower left corner of the PAX box.
  • Tap the chain-link in the lower left corner of the PAX box to enter the IP address of the credit card terminal the station will use.
  • Tap the blank area just above the save icon.
  • Enter the IP address ensuring the numbers and dots are in the same order as displayed in the terminal’s IP address.

To find the IP address:

S300 Terminal - Hold the “F” key while pressing the “1” key. For SP30 Terminal - Press the “F” key.

  • Enter current day’s date for the password in a xx/xx/xxxx. format (05052023 for May 5, 2023).
  • Arrow down to “Communication” and tap it. Use the same password.
  • Arrow down to “LAN Parameters” and tap it.
  • Arrow down to IP Address and tap it.
  • Write the IP address down with all the numbers and dots.
  • Push the green enter key then the red X the number of times to get back to the terminal home screen.

Stripe Terminal

Bluetooth Credit Card Terminal

  • Tap “Payment Settings” to display the settings.
  • Tap Default in the lower left corner of the Stripe box to Discover the stripe reader.
  • When the stripe reader has been discovered the serial number of the reader will be displayed (The stripe reader must be configured before discovery). (Please refer to the Stripe Reader Troubleshooting Guide).
  • Tap the serial number to pair (The S/N of the Stripe reader is in the upper left corner of the back of the reader). An action pop-up will be displayed, Tap “Pair.”
  • The words “Connected Reader” will be displayed at the top center of the screen. Serial number and battery charge percentage will also be displayed.

The stripe reader is ready for use.

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