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Split & Merge

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There are multiple ways to split or merge orders and checks.

  1. Split Check: use when a table needs to be paid separately
  2. Split Order: use when a patron needs to leave table early
  3. Merge Orders: when muliple tables are joining for a single payment

Split Check

When paying out an order, it can be split in two ways

  1. Split evenly. Select the number of checks, the system splits the checks all for the same amount.
  2. Split dishes. Assign dishes to each desired check. A single dish can be divided and assigned to multiple checks.

When there are parties are planning to pay multiple checks with one payment, you can merge those checks. If a mistake was paid in splitting the checks, remove the split checks and do it again.

Please note, once one of the split checks has a payment, the system won't allow edit such as canceling the order, etc. You can still add items to the open check and merge open checks though. You can only have full access to edits after all payments are voided.

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Split Order

When a patron is leaving the table early and want to pay off his/her part of bill, you should use Split Order instead of Split Check.

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Merge Orders

When friends want to join their table and pay the bills together, you can merge orders.

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