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Less than 1 minute

Assign printers to each iPad.

In More/Printers

  • Tap the in the upper right corner of the screen. A list of all available printers will be displayed.
  • Choose a printer. Printer settings dialog screen will pop-up. The printer’s settings are displayed. The vital information are the Device (Model number located on the printer) and the IP address (To find the IP address of each printer please refer to the Printer Troubleshooting Guide).
  • Assign it to a location the station will be using. One printer can be assigned to multiple locations (i.e., Front and bar).
    • Front - the receipt printer at the iPad. It will be different at each station.
    • Kitchen, Kitchen2, Kitchen3, or Bar would be the same at each station, unless you have multiple bars and kitchens.
    • Tap Set Stations.
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