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PAX Terminal

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Troubleshooting Guide for PAX Terminal and POS Connectivity

Network Connection

  • Ensure both the iPad and PAX terminal are connected to the same network.
  • Note: The iPad uses a WiFi connection, so confirm it is on the designated network for POS services.

PAX Terminal Network Connection

  • Check for loose cables. If the terminal's cable was bumped, it may be loose.
  • Inspect connectors for damage; a damaged plug or connector may lead to connectivity issues.

Power Cycle PAX Terminal

  • The PAX terminal functions like a small computer and may require periodic power cycling.
  • To do this, unplug the terminal from power for 2 minutes and then reconnect.

Verify PAX IP Address

  • If the PAX terminal doesn't have a static IP address, it may change after router reboots, etc.
  • Access the terminal by pressing the F (blue button) and 1, entering the passcode.
  • Navigate to Communication > LAN Parameter > IP Address.
  • Compare the IP address with the one in the POS app and adjust as necessary.

These steps aim to ensure a stable internet connection between the PAX terminal and POS, addressing common issues related to network settings, cable connections, and power cycling.

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