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Almost all network issues are related to local network -- the one broadcasted from your router. Here is the steps we would recommend in troubleshooting a connection problem.

  1. Is the iPad able to get to internet? If the App works fine in logging in, making order, etc. The iPad has internet.
    • If not, open Safari and try to open a popular website like, or a news website.
    • If the websites don't load up, you confirmed that there is no internet connection.
    • Go to the iPad Settings and check the current WiFi connection.

No Internet

Check your router and modem.

  • If the modem or router is not showing with correct lighting (most router and modem show green light with specific indicators), you should reboot the modem and then the router.
  • If rebooting modem and router still doesn't fix the connection, you may call your internet provider to see if the internet service is interupted in your area.

In our experience, the internet service uptime is quite solid. If you do have concerns of their uptime or your location has specific restriction, you can add a LTE backup to your service. Several internet service company has that build in and the cost is quite reasonable.

Connetion with Printer and Credit Card Terminal

Most of the time we see network problem are local network problems. Before we talk about specific troubleshootings, we have the following recommendations

  1. Use a standalone Router for your POS system.
    • Internet service company may provided you a Model+Router device for your internet service. There is already a WiFi broadcasted from that device. But we highly recommend you to add another router after that for your business.
    • A standalone router allows you to login easily and make basic configurations
  2. Reserve IP addresses for all printers and credit card terminals.
    • iPads communicate with all the periphrical devices via IP addresses. Reserving IP address would ensure all devices stay with the same IP addresses even the router is rebooted, the event of power loss, etc.
  3. Don't share the same network with your customer or your staff.
    • If you need to provide a guest network for your customer, use another router.
    • A router has limited power to handle traffics and you want to use it to ensure the smooth communication among all the POS devices.
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