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There are two scenarios for returns.

  1. Return overcharged credit card.
  2. Refund returned merchandise.

Only use these functions for orders with closed batches. When you need to void a transaction for today's order please use functions for voiding items or voiding transactions.

Return Credit

In some cases, you may have charged the customer a wrong amount or made duplicated charges to the customer's card, and you need to return the credit to their card. You only need to run a credit return to the customer's bank account.

For one with the Manager role, you would have the option in the Staff Self Service to return credit.

Selecting an associated order is required in returning credit. The system would log the information. By default, once an order is select, the system would show the amount as the total amount for that order. You can edit it if there is a need.



When a refund is made based on returned merchandise, you want to record that to rebalance your sales and sales tax. Currently, this function is limited to back-office usage.

Under Sales/Returns, you can add a refund.

  1. Select the date
  2. Select the corresponding order
  3. Select returned items

The System would automatically calculate the returned sales and related tax. You can download all refunds made in each month and rebalance your monthly sales.


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