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The Settings in the POS App are device-specific settings, which are different from the generic POS settings setup in the Back Office

General Settings

  • Receipt Width (Columns) – Guest Receipt columns. If the information (most commonly business name), tap up/down arrows on the right of “Receipt Width” to change from 42 to 48 by scrolling on the edit line.
  • Kitchen Printing Deferred Time -Set the time a deferred (Future) to print. Set from 1 Hour to 5 Hours.
  • Auto Print Online Orders – Should the business has more than one iPad, ensure ONLY ONE iPad should be toggled set to on.
  • Quick Service Mode – Sliding this toggle to the on position will bypass the table select screen.
  • Drive Thru mode – Toggle on to allow the iPad to enter a drive thru order.
  • Default Order type – Choose the preferred type of order for the iPad.
  • Show Rotating tip editor – The Selflane POS platform has an integrated digital tip and signature option. Slide the toggle to on to utilize this option. This is only available for the semi-integrated PAX terminals and Stripe readers.
    • Tap the charge icon in the payment screen.
    • Insert the credit card in the terminal/reader.
    • Once approved a tip/signature screen will be displayed.
    • Rotate the iPad so the customer can see the screen (If not using Customer-Front Facing Display).
    • Have the customer select a tip amount, sign, and tap “Submit.”
    • If the customer requests a receipt tap the printer icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Use Caller ID – Toggle on if your restaurant uses caller ID. Extra equipment and subscription are required.

Lock screen Settings

  • Automatically Lock Screen (Sign out Staff) – If multiple servers are using the same iPad Slide the toggle to ON,
  • Lock screen idle Time (Seconds) – “Tap Lock screen idle Time” to set the time the system will log out the employee by scrolling to the required time (seconds). Tap “Settings” on the left to save.

Delivery Fee

  • Delivery Fee/Unit – If your business offers self-delivery, set the delivery charge you require by tapping “Delivery Fee/Unit” to enter the fee.
  • Delivery Fee Unit (Miles) – if you charge a set delivery leave at 0. If you charge by the mile, tap “Delivery Fee Unit” enter the per mile fee. Tap “Settings” on the left to save.
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